Mark VanNess started tattooing back in 1997. Since the beginning of his journey in tattooing he used traveling as one of his main sources of inspiration.  He has tattooed in San Jose, San Fransisco, Raleigh, and Pensacola. He also embarked on a 17 month trip to 24 countries around the world in 2010-11.m He tattooed in Argentina, Panama, Costa Rica, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, and now his home is based in Austin Texas.  He put himself in touch with some of the worlds best tattooers, seeking more styles, traditions, and technique to make him a well-rounded tattooer to better serve his clients needs.

His style of tattooing is best described as illustrative.  He takes what he has learned from Japanese tattooing, American traditional, west coast tattooing, watercolor painting, and other mediums to create his artwork.  He prefers freehand tattooing to custom tailor the tattoo to the body.  With freehand you can find the natural composition of the body to form intensity, contour, and movement for the tattoo to convey its message for the viewer.